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Andrey Y. Gribov was born on April 11, 1966 in Lyubertsy, Moscow region.

In 1989, he graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (Technical University). Then he studied at the Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation where he earned a degree in economics in 1993. A year later, he continued his education at the Moscow State University which he graduated with a degree in law.


Andrey Y. Gribov is the author of the book "The Institutional Theory of Money" considered in legal science to be one of the most comprehensive studies dedicated to problems of understanding the legal regulation of money and securities. The bottom line of this work is definition of the concepts of securities, money, currency, and most importantly, rules of circulation of different types of money and securities that are relevant and necessary for normal functioning of Russia’s financial system.

Another research carried out by Andrey Y. Gribov includes reconstruction of the Great Yasa of Genghis Khan. The law code was restored and pieced together out of separate sources. It used to define the legal system of one of the greatest countries in planet’s history.

In the new and not quite typical book for Russia called “How to Make a Billion or Intellectual Entrepreneurial Capital” Andrey Gribov criticizes Marxism pointing out that it is incorrect to leave out from the analysis of the process of value creation such important elements as investment by an entrepreneur of not only their labor but also their individual Intellectual entrepreneurial capital. From the systematic analysis perspective it goes on to show necessary and sufficient components of the Intellectual entrepreneurial capital that guarantee business success.

To popularize scientific knowledge Andrey Gribov supports publishing in Russia of the best titles of the renowned scientists. Currently Andrey Gribov finances in translation into Russian and publishing of the works of the remarkable Italian sociologist and economist Vilfredo Pareto “Manual of Political Economy”, “The Socialist Systems (Les Systemes socialistes)” and “The Transformation of Democracy”.


In 1993, Andrey Y. Gribov became Chairman of the Board of Platina Commercial Bank.

In 1997, under the pioneering development strategy of the bank an integrated multibank payment system CyberPlat was established. In 2001, Andrey Y. Gribov as its founder took up the position of CEO CyberPlat JSC.

Cyberplat system went on to become a backbone for creating world’s best Russia’s strategic information infrastructure for accepting small payments that also increased the level of mobile penetration up to 30% bringing about Russia’s 1% GDP growth. Another effect of the introduction of this infrastructure was emergence of the competitiveness on the market for accepting utility payments which eventually led to the sharp decline of time loss for consumers when paying for this service across the country.

Cyberplat’s payment acceptance network in Russia, India, and Kazakhstan currently exceeds 1 480 000 outlets.

In order to strengthen the stability of Russia’s banking system amid sanctions, Cyberplat under guidance of Mr. Gribov rolled out a new product to the market – CyberFT system.

CyberFT is a universal system for exchanging financial data and legally valid electronic ISO15022 and ISO20022 documents (Swift Fin protocol). It enables different participants of economic relations to securely interact with each other, both in Russia and abroad.

CyberFT is an independent product and represents a convenient and totally secure solution that ensures strict compliance with national payment legislation of any country. CyberFT fully protects transactions from external political threats and ensures integrity of information, containing trade secret.

By late of 2019 more than 500 participants have joined CyberFT, including more than 100 leading banks (inclusive of Sberbank, VTB, AlfaBank, UniCredit, Nordea, Sovcombank, etc.), as well as large holding structures, became participants of the CyberFT. Including platform CyberFT turned the momentum of the entire holding EVRAZ of the 52 large companies in Russia, providing it through communication within the holding company and servicing banks.


Besides the development of high-tech projects, Platina Bank is active in the investment market delivering various transport, communications and construction projects. The most notable one is a real estate development project delivered in 2004 – the class A business centre City Central Tower located at Ovchinnikovskaya embankment, right in the centre of Moscow.

Currently, one of the Bank’s strategic priorities is investing in the agriculture segment – Platina Bank is the main shareholder of the interregional agricultural holding Rodnoye Pole (Native Field). Production base of Rodnoe Pole makes up about 15 000 ha of agriculturally used lands.

Andrey Y. Gribov is a winner of the Stolypin Prize given to the most distinguished successors to traditions of one of the greatest reformers in the Russian history.


Ever since his youth years Andrey Y. Gribov has been an avid fan of combat sports, and owns a black belt in jiu-jitsu. He instilled that love for sports in kids who are just as thrilled about the combat sports. His son’s and elder daughter’s black belts (third and second dans, respectively) serve as affirmation of his success, and his younger daughter at the age of just 13 already owned a black belt (first dan).

Andrey Y. Gribov is the founder of Olympic, Children's and Youth Sports School, which is the leader in training arm-wrestlers in our country. Due to its trainees’ many successes at major tournaments, Olympic CYSC has gained well-deserved recognition as one of Europe's best arm-wrestling schools.

More than 150 youths train at seven departments of the Olympic youth sports school in Moscow and in Podolsk Region near Moscow and 40-50 new youths join every year.

Olympic youth sports school is considered one of the best European sports schools as far as arm wrestling is concerned. Olympic’s trainees have won over 50 world championships and over 100 European championships in different age categories. Many of them reached top of the pedestal more than once and were awarded the Badge of Merited Master of Sports of Russia.

In Olympic’s history there was a truly unique occurrence for the world of sports, when Olympic’s athletes represented Russia in full strength at the Championship of Europe and won the competition in the team event.

Another sports project of high significance is implemented by Andrey Y. Gribov in collaboration with International Counter Terror Training Association (ICTTA), one of the most authoritative international professional associations in the field of security and protection. Certified trainers of ICTTA teach kids and adolescents jiu-jitsu, judo and basic military training. Over 50 children are trained in three departments scattered across Podolsk region near Moscow, with the number of young athletes rising by the year.

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Breeding Central Asian Shepherd Dogs.


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