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What should be done to see a rapid growth of Russia?

Here is one of the options that are literally “on the surface”.

What we need to do is legislatively permit a license-free surface gold mining, in the same way it was being done in Alaska a century ago. Mark out a claim at some gold field or at some Siberian river (Siberia is big, so everyone will have their share) and then claim your gold up and down the river. Dig a couple hundred grams of gold within one season with nothing but a shovel and your family will have enough food and clothes for a year.

The benefits for the people and the country are obvious:

  • Instant solution to unemployment. Everybody living in Ural, Siberia, or in northern regions of the European part of Russia will be out in Taiga from May to October of their own accord. Those living a bit further away will make their way by hitchhiking or taking trains. To top it all off that will reduce alcoholism and crime rate across the country.
  • Several-fold increase in gold mining will lead to the growth of Russia’s gold reserves (and, consequently, to the growth of GDP). So long as gold is of value, it is going to be a profitable activity.
  • Siberia will be explored much faster and without any funding, because people will move to the golden regions all by themselves.

And it is relatively easy to resolve that issue by adopting a decree (or a law) on unnecessity to obtain a license in order to dig gold on surface. Who is not going to benefit from that? Probably, just a bunch of government officials from various authorities. But people and the state of Russia are both sure going to benefit from that.


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