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Drug mafia as a threat to state security

In 1917, the power support of the coup was asocial personalities - deserters, armed and located in the Russian capital, Petrograd.

In January 2022, in Alma-Ata, part of the power base of the riots were asocial personalities - “mambets”, who live in the steppe in yurts and are practically not connected with the civilization of cities.

Now in Russia, asocial personalities, drug addicts in a difficult stage, who will sell their mother, and not just their homeland, for a dose, can become a support for committing terrorist attacks.(1)

At the end of February 2022, against the backdrop of a special operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine, drug addicts began to receive offers to commit terrorist acts both for monetary rewards and for a “dose” of drugs.

Îffers to commit terrorist acts both for monetary rewards and for a “dose” of drugs

MOSCOW, March 1. /TASS/. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia called on Russians to be vigilant and not to respond to provocations in the shadow segment of the Internet, social networks and instant messengers with calls for terrorist activities. This was reported to TASS on Tuesday in the press center of the department.

«In the course of monitoring the Internet, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the shadow segment of the Network on the Hydra site, as well as in social networks and instant messengers, revealed a number of ads calling for terrorist activities,” the press center said. - The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia calls on citizens not to respond to provocative proposals distributed on the Internet. Participation in terrorist activities, hooliganism and other illegal acts entail criminal liability.»

The Ministry of Internal Affairs also added that investigators found that in the posted materials, the attackers offered network users to commit terrorist acts for money, including those directed against the government of the Russian Federation, as well as other crimes. "According to the available information, announcements of calls for illegal acts are distributed by call centers located in Ukraine. The police suggest that previously these centers could engage in telephone fraud against Russian citizens and other criminal acts," the department added.

In total, there are about 20 million drug addicts in Russia, of which 3-4 million are in a severe stage. Accordingly, in the Moscow region there are from 300 to 500 thousand.

The number of drug addicts who do not have money for a "dose" and are in a state of "withdrawal" can reach 300 thousand in the country and up to 20 thousand in the Moscow region.

If our enemies are in a position to offer each such potential traitor a "dose" for a terrorist attack, we could get thousands of terrorist attacks in the country.

The situation is aggravated by the following factors:

  1. Mortgage-Ukrainians are already on the territory of the Moscow region in sufficient numbers. Other migrant workers can also be «blindly» involved.
  2. The channel for the supply of drugs from Ukraine through the port of Odessa has been operating for a long time.

Advance warning of a threat

Awareness of objective, but little discussed facts:

  1. Drug addicts are ready to betray and sell their homeland for a dose of "dope" at any moment;
  2. A large number of drug addicts controlled online through foreign-controlled messengers pose a threat to state security;
  3. The drug trafficking network is an order of magnitude more effective means of mass terrorist acts than a social network, since after reading the information you can go to illegal acts, or you can not go, but a drug addict in a state of «breaking» cannot go! And the drug trafficking network is much better conspiratorial.

That is, in our country there is a potential enemy agent network:

  • well-hidden,
  • with a huge audience,
  • with indisputable discipline,
  • ready to betray the Motherland,
  • which at any time can be used by the enemy country to organize terrorist acts against the background of the lack of effective countermeasures.

The very existence of such a network is a threat to national security.

Yes, and the creators of such a network MUST «have questions».


  1. Control or disable messengers controlled from abroad;
  2. Reducing the number of potential traitors - drug addicts, that is, in fact, a real fight against the drug mafia;
  3. Total registration of drug addicts;
  4. The placement of highly addicted drug addicts either on "public bail", or under house arrest, or in prison-type clinics.

There is no option to counter this “threat model”, except for the destruction of such a drug distribution network.


(1) Provocateurs detained in the Kazakhstani city of Shymkent said that they were paid for participating in the riots, and they were also given energy drinks, from which they lost control of themselves, said Shyngys Mukan, the first deputy head of the city administration. «Now the provocateurs are being detained. That they were paid money, and they were also given energy drinks, from which they lost control over themselves», TASS reports Mukan’s words on the air of the «Khabar-24» TV channel.

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