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The goals of the West in the confiscation of Russian money

The main and main goal of the West is simply to take away someone else's and appropriate it for itself. This main goal, artfully retouched, should not be confused with secondary goals, deliberately bulging out.

But there are secondary goals, and it is necessary to understand how they can be «protected».

The main secondary goal is to create dissatisfaction among the oligarchs, officials and businessmen with the policy of the country's leadership, the actual blackmail of the robbed: «overthrow the government - we will return your money». The money, of course, will not be returned, but there is a blackmail lever, and it is significant.

Why and how was such blackmail lever formed?

We created it ourselves. With its own idiotic state policy of denying economic patriotism and, moreover, its legislative consolidation.

In accordance with Russian law, no official or deputy has the right to own a large business. The presence of even significant amounts of money in Russian banks «raises questions» for an official and significantly interferes both in daily activities and in career advancement.

But a decent official is not a fool. By one method or another, more or less legal, he enriches himself. And he has a simple question: «How to save what you have received?».

If he were allowed to have a serious business in Russia, he would keep his fortune in Russia and develop this business. But now he is simply forced to keep all his fortune outside of Russia. Either in bank accounts, or in real estate, or in securities. But it is outside of Russia. This is exactly how the leverage of blackmailing foreign states against Russian officials appeared.

That is why it is necessary to radically change the legislation on the property of officials. It should be only and exclusively in Russia. Any size, but only here. If an official and his close associates are found to have significant property outside of Russia, he must be removed from office immediately.

But his property in Russia cannot be limited. On the contrary, the more property he has here, the more he is interested in the development of our Motherland, and not other countries.


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