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This is a «hot» financial war

In my work «Who and why unleashed the war in Ukraine» dated 03/01/22, I already wrote that the main goal of the “collective West” is “expropriation” - the withdrawal from Russian oligarchs, officials and businessmen of money placed in the West on the accounts of offshore companies, in real estate and securities in the total amount of about two trillion dollars.

In my other work «Who, how much and when will earn on the Ukrainian war» dated 04/03/22, I explained that the financiers of the «collective West» have already stolen about 2 trillion dollars from Russian oligarchs, officials and businessmen and they need no more than 2-3 months to issue a withdrawal based on the collective opinion of voters, fooled by super-powerful propaganda.

I want to try again to explain.
We now have a land war going on in Ukraine.
And not rocket and aviation.

The «collective West» is waging a «hot» financial war with us.

Its goal is not to seize territory, but to seize "Russian offshore assets" worth two trillion dollars.

Such "expropriations" have already been tested by the "collective West" in relation to Libya, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Syria, Iran, Iraq.

Iran was accused of terrorist attacks in Beirut in 1983, about $ 50 billion was frozen in the USA and Europe, then the explosion of the World Trade Center in New York in 2001 was added to the charges, and in 2016 a federal court in New York issued a seizure of $ 10.3 billion in favor of the dead and insurance companies. Lawsuits and courts to formalize the seizure of blocked funds continue and multiply. (1)

Afghanistan was also accused of terrorist attacks in New York, 3.5 billion was taken away for “compensation for the dead”, and another 3.5 billion dollars were transferred to the trust fund of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, from where it will be spent on “humanitarian purposes in the interests of the Afghan people.” (2)

Libya in 2011 was accused of lack of democracy, froze about 200 billion dollars (3) in the US and Europe and killed its leader Gaddafi. Frozen money slowly “disappears” in an unknown direction. (4)

Iraq was accused of having chemical weapons with a vial of white powder being publicly presented at the UN, they invaded the country, took away all the money that was in the Central Bank of Iraq, and killed Saddam Hussein.

Its means will be the adoption by the legislative system of the United States and the rest of the «collective West» of regulations on the withdrawal and redistribution of these two trillion.

His method for adopting such a tool - «regulatory framework» - is to carry out super-powerful propaganda on the Western population by controlled media.

And already the basis for such propaganda should be near-war provocations, designed quite beautifully both in terms of emotional impact on the Western audience, and in terms of sufficiency for any local and international legislation.

War is only a means to create the necessary provocations.

The «Bucha» provocation looks beautiful from the point of view of the emotional impact on the Western audience, but does not fit into any framework from the point of view of the evidence base. Either they don’t have blood near the corpses, or there is clearly not enough rigor mortis, or the bandages on their sleeves indicate the sympathy of the murdered Russians. And one of the "dead" even moves his hands! Four days after death!

The provocation «Kramatorsk» is no longer so emotional, and there is absolutely trouble with the evidence. And the flight path from the Ukrainian positions goes, and the number of the rocket is Ukrainian, and Russia does not have such weapons.

But if there is no proper basis for propaganda, then the method will not be used. This means that the goal will not be fully achieved.

And there are two trillion dollars at stake!

This means that the «opponents» will definitely do the provocation. And they will attract the best forces. The provocation should have a real international effect. So it must be something very serious. A deliberate chemical attack or a deliberate radiation disaster.

And it is on this front that we need to fight now. If the «collective West» fails to create a proper provocation, then the goal of «taking away two trillion» will not be achieved.

Then it would make no sense for him to fight with tanks on land.


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