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Goals and objectives of the current war

Now we already understand that there is not only a military operation of Russia in Ukraine, but a global economic war of the Anglo-Saxons and NATO controlled by them with the rest of the world has begun.

The goals of this war are:

The United States wants, without losing anything, to get a very solvent and militarily controlled European energy market, where it will oust Russia for the time being, and then the rest of the non-Anglo-Saxon players. At current prices, this will amount to at least $300 billion a year.

Also, the US wants to rob Russia and Russian officials, oligarchs and businessmen of approximately $500-800 billion placed in the US, but may lose a similar amount of assets of US companies based in Russia.

Europe should lose access to cheap energy from Russia via oil and gas pipelines, but get US approval to rob Russians of $1.5 trillion, which it will give to the US for more expensive energy over 10-15 years. At the same time, Europe may lose 500-800 billion dollars of assets of European enterprises located in Russia.

Also, Europe will receive about 20 million Ukrainian semi-slaves to perform low-skilled and, accordingly, low-paid work, and in the next couple of years, another 60 million African semi-slaves who will come to Europe as a result of the famine that awaits Africa due to a sharp rise in food prices.

Russia must lose a reliable European energy market worth $300 billion a year, but will receive consistently high world energy prices during the war, which more than compensates for the financial losses in the European market.

Also, Russia will lose between $300 and $500 billion in gold and foreign exchange reserves and state property located in the West, but will try to confiscate about $1 trillion worth of Western assets in Russia in return.

Russian officials, oligarchs and businessmen are simply losing $2 billion of savings placed in the West.

The war is happening precisely at their expense.

Moreover, if the Russians did not keep money in the West, then there would be no war!

Expected actions of the US and NATO in the short term

Russia's strategic enterprises, possibly the Crimean Bridge, will be hit through Ukrainian proxies. A couple of days after that, the US will detonate a nuclear weapon in Kyiv and blame it on Russia, which will be enough reason to rob Russia and Russians of a total of about 2.5 trillion dollars placed in the West.

Instead of the Crimean bridge, a blow to a mass gathering of people is possible, for example, during the May 9 parade.

A nuclear explosion will also be the basis for receiving at least $15 trillion in government funding for the US and European military-industrial complex over the next 10 years.

Expected actions of the US and NATO in the medium term

Since Europe's switch to American energy could take up to five years [1], the US will drag out the war in Ukraine for the same amount of time.

Russia will not be able to delay the victory of Ukraine alone for 5 (five!) Years, so the United States and NATO will not only supply equipment and mercenary instructors to Ukraine, but will also draw Romania and Poland into the war.

Romania will invade Moldavia and receive a missile attack on the Ploiesti oilfields, military infrastructure and decision-making centers.

Poland will invade Western Ukraine and receive a massive, possibly nuclear strike against Polish troops in the Lviv region.

If this does not drag out the war for the expected 5 years, then the turn of the Baltic states will come, which will 100% repeat the scenario of Ukraine: the declaration of the presence of nuclear weapons is a Russian land operation with missile and bomb strikes.

As a last resort, the United States and NATO still have a new member in reserve - Finland, which will be persuaded to step on the same rake a third time.

Expected actions of the anti-American bloc in the short term

China attacks Taiwan. The missile weapons he uses will suspiciously resemble the Russian Onyxes and Daggers.

Belarus will become part of Russia. Novorossia, Transnistria, Abkhazia and Ossetia as well.

Expected actions of the anti-American bloc in the medium term

India and Russia will try to build a gas pipeline through Pakistan and the republics of Central Asia. The expected volume of supplies in current prices is from 50 to 100 billion dollars a year.

To solve this super-profitable task, one should expect a coup in Pakistan or its military takeover by India with the support of China and the supply of weapons by Russia.

To implement the gas pipeline project to India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan will become part of Russia following the example of Belarus.

Turkey and Iran, having received Russian weapons, will try to occupy Iraq under the slogan of liberating it from American occupation. The volume of oil exports from Iraq at current prices exceeds $100 billion a year.

In response, the US and NATO attack through Bulgaria Istanbul, through the Mediterranean, Cyprus and Israel - the Turkish coast and decision-making centers of Turkey, through the Persian Gulf and Israel - the decision-making centers and military infrastructure of Iran.

With the support of Russia, Israel, set up by the Americans, will lose the war fatally and cease to exist. Cyprus will suffer critically.

The Saudis, Qatar and the UAE will not go to war to the last. Unless, of course, Israel launches an agonizing missile or nuclear attack on Mecca/Medina. Then all Muslims will enter the war, especially the Arabs.

China and pro-Russian Muslim Indonesia will start preparing for a war for the occupation of Australia as a source of energy and other resources.

The war will spread throughout the world and will take no less than 5 years.


[1] Also, the US and NATO want to get rid of old weapons that require expensive disposal.

The war in Ukraine allows them not to spend money on recycling, but, on the contrary, to get more money and check the vulnerability in a real battle with a real enemy. This is a great solution for the US and NATO!

It is impossible to deliver weapons by sea, since it is controlled by Russia. Delivery by rail will take a very long time, at least several years.

To teach Ukrainians how to use weapons somehow is also at least a year.

Then you have to convince the Ukrainians to go to the front with these weapons to die, which is also not easy.

This line of conduct also requires about 5 years.

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