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Negative and positive political corruption

According to the second recursion of the Pareto rule, «1% of the population creates 50% of added value».

Or, more commonly, «1% of the population owns 50% of the property».

This is a global socio-economic law.

Law of nature.

It is impossible to cancel it by any legal acts.

Despite any “equalizing” laws, the 1/50 rule will be respected. In fact, it was also observed in the USSR, although ideologically it was carefully hidden.

In any legislative equalizing systems, no matter how they are called: socialist, communist or democratic, the 1/50 rule has been and will be implemented by the method of political corruption.

It is only necessary to understand that political corruption is inevitable and try to think about how to put it at the service of society.

First of all, it is necessary to realize that there is positive and negative political corruption.

They differ on the basis of bringing integral benefit or integral harm to society.

An example of positive political corruption in Tsarist Russia was the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway (Transsib). Tsar Alexander II, who tacitly had a stake in the business of the Nobel brothers in oil production in Baku and the production of kerosene, set Witte the task of building a railway to China precisely in order to deliver Nobel kerosene to the huge Chinese market. The tsar is long gone, there are no Nobels in Russia, and the Trans-Siberian Railway still brings great benefits to the country. Integral society benefited.

Some experts refer to the implementation of the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) as an example of positive political corruption in modern Russia. Not «only all» (1) employees of the general contracting organization lived to see the completion of construction. And the Moscow Ring Road stands and benefits tens of millions of people. Daily and hourly.

An example of positive political corruption in Nazi Germany was the construction of autobahns. Rudolf Hess, the second man in the Third Reich, provided the funding, while Fritz Todt carried out the construction. And Todt is long gone, and Hess is gone, and Nazism is suppressed in Germany, and the network of good roads continues to benefit Germany and its people.

The first major example of negative political corruption in Nazi Germany was the construction of the Siegfried Defense Line along Germany's border with France. It was on this example that the «bonzes» of the Third Reich realized, firstly, that military construction allows you to steal a larger share of the order amount than peaceful construction, and secondly, that if the construction object does not belong to them, then stealing on military orders is many times more profitable than in peaceful construction.

If the autobahns built were at least partially owned by Hess and Todt, then they would not have needed to develop the military industry and receive military orders. Then positive political corruption would develop into economic patriotism and integral benefit to society.

Indeed, the owner of the property is interested in its safety, in the preservation of the material part of his fortune, and, accordingly, in the absence of hostilities.

But if the Minister of Construction does not receive a share in the constructed object, as was the case with Todt and Speer, then it is to his advantage that this object be bombed, and it could be built again. And then more and more. And he is not interested in the lives of people who died under the bombing, because he is sure of his personal safety. And, in his opinion, the high rate of theft, and even multiple, covers his personal risks. How does he feel…

Economic patriotism works in the same way in law enforcement agencies. If the police economically control industrial enterprises and retail chains in the region, then crime in this region is close to zero. If police officers are often rotated and replaced with new ones who are not economically connected with regional business, moreover, they are notified of the rotation in a few years, then what type of corruption can this security official have? Only negative.

To quickly «squeeze» something from someone, or «master the budget». Or quickly resell drugs and transfer to another region.

Not a single policeman who was born and lives permanently in the region, has a family, children, numerous relatives there, will form drug networks. (2) It is more profitable for him to help his relatives build a gas station, a cafe, a restaurant, or some kind of production. Yes, this is corruption, but positive. With an integral benefit to society.

Similarly, this pattern of positive and negative political corruption works with governors.

And in the same way - with the highest authorities.

But which of the managers will engage in positive political corruption, build and develop production and distribution networks, if shares in these businesses can be taken away from him at any moment? It is easier and more reliable for them to «master the budget» and run away.

Therefore, for the rapid and high-quality development of the country, it is necessary to allow officials and security forces to openly own large, significant property. Plants, factories, hotels, chains of department stores and gas stations. In any volume. And the larger the amount of their property, the more officials will be interested in the development of our country.

Of course, protectionism and unfair competition must be fought. But it is possible. Fortunately, there are examples.

In our neighboring Turkey, the owner of a hotel chain is openly the Minister of Tourism. And a very effective minister. And the owner of a network of private schools is openly the Minister of Education. And therefore, no one is surprised that a country that does not have natural resources develops economically at a rate of 7%. And the population doubles in thirty years.

We have it differently. Neither officials nor security forces are officially allowed to own significant property. What does this lead to? Funds «earned» by negative political corruption are exported from the country and deposited in obviously unfriendly countries on the accounts of offshore companies, in the form of securities, real estate and crypto assets. As a result, the secret services of unfriendly countries get the leverage of blackmail on officials, security officials and big businessmen. «Betray the country, and we will return your money».

Such potential traitors were formed by the control system itself.

The prohibition to have an official status and serve the Motherland at the same time.

The prohibition of economic patriotism.

It's time to understand that economic patriotism is now a necessary measure.

If it doesn't exist, the country will die from the theft of the budget, from the expansion of the drug trade, and from the betrayal of the elite.


(1) Copyright Klitschko

(2) Drugs, in addition to domestic crime, also form an uncontrolled fifth column, which may well be used by the enemy to organize riots and threaten state security.

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