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There is an option to end the war earlier

As I already pointed out in my previous works “Who, how much and when will earn on the Ukrainian war” and Who benefits from killing Ukrainian soldiers and to what extent?, The main tasks are not a quick capture (liberation) of Ukrainian territory with subsequent denazification and demilitarization, but a long maintaining high gas prices, disposing of obsolete weapons and testing in combat conditions the latest weapons and the latest methods of warfare. However, these real tasks also lead to the denazification and demilitarization of the pseudo-state of Ukraine. The truth is "before" and not "after" the victory and capture (liberation).

It should be noted that the true tasks of the war are indeed being carried out well.

  • Gas prices are consistently above $1,500 per 1,000 cubic meters, which is sufficient to finance the war.
  • More than 60,000 expired shells are consistently disposed of per day, which, in turn, leads to the denazification and demilitarization of Ukrainian troops.
  • The latest types of weapons such as "Terminator", "SU-57", "S-400", "Caliber", "Iskander", as well as secret types, are being tested in completely real conditions.
  • Information bundles “Sputnik-artillery”, “Drone-artillery”, “RER-artillery” are being worked out.


But, obviously, the main task of the war is to pump monetary liquidity from the industry of Europe to the oil and gas companies of the USA and Russia.

And, accordingly, the most important question is “How long will this pumping last?”, Since this answer is equivalent to the answer to the question “How long will the war last?”.

At first glance, we see only four factors in answering this question:

  1. How many Ukrainian soldiers must be killed per day to keep gas prices high?
  2. How many Ukrainian soldiers are still ready to go to war and are guaranteed to die there?
  3. How much money does European industry have?
  4. How long does it take to fully switch European industry to American liquefied gas?


There are answers to these four questions.

  1. Practice has shown that the deaths of 500 to 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers a day are enough to keep gas prices high. This is from 180,000 to 360,000 soldiers per year. Roughly speaking, 250,000 soldiers a year is enough. Fortunately, in order to manipulate the price of gas, in addition to purely military methods, technical and diplomatic methods such as “repairing a gas pipeline” or “an imported turbine broke down” are also used.
  2. To date, it has been announced that the clown Zelensky, who knows how to play the piano with different parts of his body, is able to assemble an army of 1,000,000 people, which is enough for 4 years of war. The West also has the “militant sons” of Poland, Romania, Canada, etc. in reserve.
  3. The European industry has enough money for expensive gas for 2 years for sure, for 3 years with difficulty, for 4 years - hardly.
  4. The transfer of European industry to liquefied gas, including the construction of terminals and networks with gas distribution substations, can be carried out in 4 years exactly, in 3 years it is possible, but at an accelerated pace. For 2 years - it's unlikely.


Given the opinion of military experts that the military cycle lasts 4 years, the final answer "4-5 years" seems plausible.


At the same time, although the United States has the task of “fighting to the last Ukrainian,” it is not entirely feasible, since the Ukrainians themselves are hiding from the military registration and enlistment offices, and Europe may go bankrupt by that time.


And it is the ruin of European industry that gives a chance to end the war faster. Let me explain.


High prices for raw materials (natural gas and oil) increase the costs of European corporations, respectively, reduce the marginality of the business. If costs rise dramatically, then the profitability of the European industry may become zero. Or generally negative. With a gas price of $3,000 per thousand cubic meters of European industry, there is no point in working at a loss. It's easier to stop.

And at that moment, the value of the shares of industrial enterprises in Europe will become extremely low, which means the opportunity to buy it for next to nothing.

Who will buy? Of course, the one who pumped liquidity out of European industry. US oil and gas sector. Russia and China will not be allowed to buy shares by legislative means.

And from the moment the US corporations take over the industry of Europe, America will no longer need war. Because in pursuit of the profits of the European industry now owned by them, the Americans will begin to reduce gas prices. And how to reduce the price of gas quickly? Give the command to Zelensky and Zaluzhny to sign a surrender or simply run away, abandoning the troops. They will execute this command quickly and accurately.


So there is an option how to end the war in 2023: we still need to raise gas prices and let the Americans buy up the industry of Europe.


Unless, of course, we are satisfied with not only the political but also the economic absolute dominance of the United States in Europe.

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