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Who benefits most from the sabotage at Nord Stream?

If you list all those who benefit from sabotage in general, then there will not be enough fingers and toes. She is:


  1. Beneficial for LNG tanker manufacturers as there are fewer subsea gas pipelines and those that remain will be vulnerable
  2. Beneficial for LNG equipment manufacturers for the same reason.
  3. Beneficial for Erdogan (Turkey), since with the Nord Stream blown up, the loading of the Turkish Stream and South Stream will obviously increase.
  4. Beneficial for all countries connected to the Turkish gas hub (Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, etc.), since they will now begin the migration of industries that require a large amount of gas, for example, petrochemical production.
  5. Beneficial for France, since its nuclear-based power industry will be able to sell electricity to Germany and Italy at a high price, and will be able to attract energy-intensive industries from Germany and similar countries.
  6. Beneficial for Algeria and Qatar, since they generally benefit from rising gas prices.
  7. Relatively profitable for Italy, which can quickly join the Turkish gas hub through the Balkan countries and lure German industry to itself.
  8. And many more who benefit.


But no one believes that the owners of South Korean shipyards or the owners of Japanese LNG plants ordered this economic diversion. Also, no one will believe in the version of the order by the owners of French nuclear power plants or the Qatari prince.


Because the benefit of these beneficiaries amounts to a maximum of tens of billions of dollars. None of them will even receive $50 billion from this sabotage.

And it’s not their «handwriting»...


Who will make the biggest profit? Whose «handwriting» is similar?


  1. First of all, manufacturers of combat underwater drones will receive huge profits. The demand for both underwater mining drones and «sentry» drones for the destruction of mining drones has risen sharply. There is also a huge surge in demand for mine-detecting drones and sapper drones. There are millions of kilometers of underground cables and pipelines in the world. Dozens, and in the future, hundreds of thousands of underwater drones will be required. For a total amount of at least a trillion dollars over the next 10 years. With a profit of half a trillion. And who are our largest manufacturers of underwater combat drones at the moment? Northrop Grumman, Boeing and General Dynamics? These «gentlemen» are closely associated with the CIA and the US DIA.(1)
  2. Huge profits can be made by those who want to write off the frozen Russian money «to help Ukraine.» As I already wrote in the work «Goals and objectives of the current war» dated 04.05.2022 «Expected actions of the US and NATO in the short term. Russia's strategic enterprises, possibly the Crimean Bridge, will be hit through Ukrainian proxies. A couple of days after that, the US will detonate a nuclear weapon in Kyiv and blame it on Russia, which will be enough reason to rob Russia and Russians of a total of about 2.5 trillion dollars placed in the West. Instead of the Crimean bridge, a strike on a mass gathering of people is possible, for example, during the May 9 parade. Nord Streams is undoubtedly more than a strategic target for Russia. And Europe too. The money deducted from Russian owners will not end up in Ukraine. Most likely, they will end up on the accounts of USAID, a subsidiary of the US State Department, closely associated with the CIA. And from there they will go to the Pentagon, for the weapons they ship to Ukraine. In this scheme, you can steal at least 25% of the amount. And 25% of two trillion will be half a trillion again.


Here are the beneficiaries who will receive at least half a trillion dollars from this economic sabotage, and in the long term even a trillion. It is incomparable with the incomes of other, much smaller beneficiaries.


Thus, the first on the list of suspects should be very high-ranking DIA personnel associated with military drone manufacturers and very high-ranking CIA personnel associated with USAID. And judging by how they are in a hurry, most likely these are those who have 2-3 years left before retirement due to seniority. There are no more than 10 such people, it is not difficult to «count» them.


(1)Vikipedia - Unmanned underwater vehicle

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