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Who unleashed the war in Ukraine and why?

As early as 10 years ago, the “collective West” began to think about seizing money from Russian oligarchs, officials and businessmen deposited in the West in the accounts of offshore companies. Even then this “portfolio” exceeded the amount of a trillion dollars. (1)

Attempts to implement KYC (“know your customer/client”) procedures and block funds that do not have a legally formalized origin have not led to significant results.

Then a geopolitical version of the “hurt the little guy” model began to develop.

Usually, if the older “undersized kids” want to find a pretext for attacking a teenager, they send a clearly small child of height or age to speak offensively to him. He insolently verbally attack the teenager, and when the this one gives him a slap, the “big brother” comes out of the bushes and asks: «Why did you hurt my little brother?»

In this case, instead of the teenager, it is Russia (Putin), instead of the “little brother” - a really “small” and noisy clown Zelensky, representing the faux state of Ukraine, and instead of the “big brother” - the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy, using as its main tools the united press and the united Europe.

Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy pretext for attacking to Russia

Since 2014, the Anglo-Saxon “little brother” has been trying to bully Russia (Putin):

  • «Russia is the aggressor» - no response from Russia;
  • «Let's enter the EU» - no response;
  • «Let's not sell Ukrainian goods to Russia» - no response;
  • «Let's join NATO» - no response, but a warning;
  • «Let's start building a NATO base in Ochakov» - no response, but a warning;
  • «Let’s build NATO military biolaboratories» - no response, but a warning.

But after Zelensky's official statement “Let’s get nuclear status,” Russia (Putin) could not but supply response in the form of forced demilitarization. Denazification (2) and recognition of the statuses of Crimea/DPR/LNR are only additional goals to the aforementioned main goal.

Russia (Putin) could not but supply response in the form of forced demilitarization.

And immediately after the start of demilitarization, the “big brother” - the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy - turned on its controlled propaganda machine at full speed, preparing public opinion for the “expropriation” of money of Russian oligarchs, officials and businessmen, placed in the West in offshore company accounts. This has already de facto happened in England, continental Europe is getting ready, and the U.S. will be the last to do it in order to «gather the cream». (3)

Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy - turned on its controlled propaganda machine

The blocking of the money of the Central Bank of Russia and a number of Russian banks is just a disguise for the main financial operation. It makes no financial sense because Russian companies owe the West more than the West owes the Russian banking system and the Central Bank.

If the West has blocked the accounts of Vneshtorgbank, Rosneft can repay its loans to Citibank through Vneshtorgbank. And the latter will simply write off the West’s debts in favor of VTB by the amount of the loans to be repaid.

Score. The total is not in favor of the West.

The press will talk about it. Discuss and accept “collective opinions”. But that is not the main point.

The main point is that the West has already effectively taken about two trillion dollars from Russian oligarchs, officials and businessmen. Its goal has been achieved. And the united press will not talk about this loudly. Only in passing.

The secondary goals of the Anglo-Saxon financial elite are the civil and partisan wars in Novorossiya over the next 10-15 years, as well as the reduction of European trade with Russia in order to replace Russian goods with American goods. But these are secondary goals

And the lives of Ukrainians and Russians are of no concern to them at all. They are just thrown under the bus for the main two trillion-dollar prize.

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(1) According to experts at the moment, all property of Russian investors, placed through offshore bank accounts, real estate and securities is close to the amount of 2,000,000,000,000 (two trillion) dollars.

(2) In the image and likeness of the German denazification from 1945 to 1961, when the Nazis were given "what they deserve": imprisonment for some, a "ban on the profession" for others, etc.

(3) «We're going after your ill-gotten wealth», the American president noted.

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