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Gas pipelines of Ukraine and the front line

Газотранспортная система Украины и линия фронта

As everyone has noticed, Russia practically does not strike at Ukrainian gas pipelines. To what extent gas pipelines are "taboo" in during the current CBO?

The map of Ukraine’s gas pipelines shows the approximate front line for April.

Please note that in April, Russian troops controlled gas inlets to Ukraine through gas pipelines from the Valuyka and Pisarevka hot water supply systems, and in Balakliya they were stationed 17 kilometers from Ukraine’s largest gas field, Shebelinskoye, with the same strategic gas pipeline intersection (hub).

For all the time, the SVO from Balakleya at Shebelinsky was not fired with either Caliber, or Tornadoes, or Grads, or even artillery, although the range of even artillery allowed this. And after the «Balakleyskaya battle» they left both entrances of gas pipelines to Ukraine, and moved away from the hub to a «safe» distance for the gas pipeline.

And in the fall, in the Kherson direction, they moved away from the same gas pipeline to a «safe» distance for the gas pipeline.

Knowledgeable people said that during the bombing of Serbia by NATO countries, not a single bomb fell closer than half a kilometer from the main gas pipeline in Serbia.

That is, we see that gas pipelines are «for some reason» a «taboo» for modern wars. Even if we do not understand why, then, in any case, the pattern must be taken into account. And if this pattern continues, then it would probably be logical to assume that the further course of the war will not be near the main gas pipeline.

That is, Kramatorsk and Zaporozhye — rather yes, but Dnepropetrovsk and Pavlograd — categorically no.


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