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The Tale of How Corruption Increased Drug Addiction and Killed the State

In a certain kingdom, in a certain state ordinary citizens lived. They plowed, sowed, sold bread in bakeries. And the citizens had a state — the king-father, the boyars and various supervisory departments.

And one of the supervisory departments supervised the bakeries. So that there were no mice there, unsanitary conditions, measurement-body kit and other outrages. But corruption lived in this supervisory department. Therefore, when the supervisory department found garbage in some bakery, they did not close the bakery, but simply took a bribe.

Further more. The supervisory department got used to taking bribes and became very offended by the bakeries, which were clean and tidy. They don’t pay, you bastards! Therefore, for such inspections, the supervisory department itself brought garbage in his pocket and imperceptibly threw it under the counter. Or he simply wrote a direct lie in the act of verification. He wrote on clean floors — dirty, on a discovered cat he wrote that a mouse had been found, and on a discovered dog he wrote that a rat had been found. And then fined.

But in the act of checking bakeries, where there really was dirt and rats running around, the supervisory department did not write anything bad. They pay, well done!

And it turned out that it became unprofitable to run a neat and honest bakery business. You have to pay a lot of fines for nothing. Or a bribe. And again, for nothing. But it became very profitable to work in dishonest bakeries with dirt and unsanitary conditions. After all, it was more profitable to pay a bribe to the supervisory department than to restore cleanliness and order. You can sell spoiled bread, and no one was punished for it.

And it became even more profitable to trade in bakery drugs. The turnover is huge, the profit is gigantic. And no one will punish you — just know that bribes are paid on time. And the most dishonest bakery, became a drug bakery. Where they sold bread just for the sake of appearance. And the whole turnover was only from drugs.

But the supervisory department was also cunning. And once this super-profitable drug bakery was told: «Give 50% of the shares, otherwise we will close you.» Drug dealers talked, bargained and gave 45% of their shares to the supervisory department.

And from that moment on, all clean decent bakeries became competitors not only to the drug bakery, but also to the supervisory department. After all, he became a shareholder of the main drug bakery!

And then the supervisory department began to close clean bakeries. Where he throws garbage, where he writes on the clean — dirty! Or to the form of bakers will find fault, or to the shoes of loaders.

And he closed the supervisory department of all clean bakeries. There was only one giant drug store left. All drug addicts came there for drugs. And all ordinary people for bread. And all ordinary people were offered to buy drugs. Safely! After all, the supervisory department is the shareholder of the drug bakery!

And the number of drug addicts in this country has grown to a figure equal to the mobilization contingent. And the mobilization contingent is the number of citizens who can be drafted into the army in case of war. But there was no war. If there is no war, then there is no problem! «No body — no business.»


But that certain kingdom-state had a fierce enemy. And he provoked that enemy a big war, a long war. And at that moment it became clear that drug addicts should not be taken to war! What if he swallows the «wheels» and starts shooting at his own?! Or will he give out all military secrets in captivity in a state of «breaking»? And a certain state began to have problems with conscription.

But the enemy did not sleep. He wrote a letter to all drug addicts: «throw bottles of gasoline at the military registration and enlistment offices — and we will give you a jar of jam drug and a basket of cookies «wheels»». And drug addicts began to throw bottles of gasoline at the military registration and enlistment offices. And they burned all the military enlistment offices.


But the enemy did not relent. He began to write letters through foreign messengers to drug addicts: «Destroy your state, kill the king-father, and we will give you drugs for life.» And stupid drug addicts killed the king-father, destroyed the state, and gave their country to the evil enemy for drugs.

But the enemy stopped giving them drugs, and drug addicts died from «breaking» fierce. And the enemy needed it. And he received some kingdom — the state, and he did not have drug addicts.

And when the state was gone, the enemy took away all the money from the employees of the supervisory department. And he shot them all. Of course, why does he need to breed such corruption that harms state security?


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