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Say a word about a poor IT guy

A large number of politicians scold IT specialists who relocated abroad in the spring of 2023, seeing this only as an attempt to evade conscription. These politicians don’t even take into consideration the fact that, in accordance with the recently adopted legislation, IT specialists are not subject to conscription into Russian Army. Their logic is simple: «one who left the country during hostilities is a traitor».

But this alleged logic does not take into account the following objective factors that have developed in the practice of IT specialists even before the start of the Special Military Operation:

  1. Remote became popular among programmers in the USA 15-20 years ago.
  2. For IT specialists in the West, it became common to work remotely 5-10 years ago, meanwhile in Russia remote work was not as popular for a number of reasons.
  3. In the spring of 2020, due to the COVID epidemic, the vast majority of the office workers were practically forced to remote work by the President and mayors’ decrees.
  4. Thus, in the summer of 2020, IT specialists realized in practice that it is much more profitable to live in nearby warm countries (Turkey, Georgia, Armenia) both in terms of food prices and housing rent, as well in terms of climate, without changing work for Russian companies located in Lipetsk, Tyumen, Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc.
  5. In 2021, already quite large part of IT specialists working for Russian companies were geographically located in the “southern territories”.

With the beginning of the Special Military Operation, many IT specialists, being professional information processing specialists, saw a huge number of “oddities” in the war in Ukraine. Including the refusal to eliminate the leaders of the enemy army, the refusal to strike on the headquarters and communication centers, the refusal to strike on bridges and railway junctions, etc.(1)

Since IT people are mostly introverts and sociopaths, they are totally unprepared for addressing public questions, such as: “What is it, if not a treason?” Being, of course, really smart to rise such questions in their heads.

They found solution in changing place of residence without changing job. “Good luck in figuring out where is a treason, and where is a cunning plan. We should not and will not participate in these showdowns. We will continue working for the Motherland, only geographically located somewhere, where such mess, in our opinion, is less likely.”

And so, it happens. Critics cannot provide statistics on the number of IT specialists who terminated their work for Russian companies and relocated from Russia to “warm countries”. Why so? Maybe because it simply doesn't exist?

Yes, they moved from Russia, but continue working for the Russian companies.

And here is what also important. There is a large number of cases when various artists and showmen that had left Russia, have publicly changed the side and de facto became troops of the enemy’s information and psychological forces.

Or could anyone provide statistics on the transition of IT workers to the side of the enemy? Why, even in the most patriotic press, are such cases not discussed? Maybe because they don't exist?

Moreover, the cases when IT specialists keep working not only in critical services, but also in the field of Internet security, are well known throughout the industry, although not discussed for obvious reasons. Thus, despite being far from their homeland, they actually remain at the forefront of the Internet Security confrontation. Ergo, they are fighting on our side during hacking attacks on our critical services.

Only no one ever remembers to praise them for it...


(1) Find out more in the article «List of oddities in the war in Ukraine»

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