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Terrifying numbers

On February 1st, 2023, RBC published data from Rosstat on the number of permanent population of Russia.

«According to the results of 11 months of 2022 (the latest available statistics), the natural decline amounted to 543.4 thousand people. Which is less than during the same period in 2021, when amid the effects of the pandemic, the decline reached 945 thousand people.».1

This means that in the conditions of war the decline of population has decreased by 400 thousand people per 11 months of 2022!

Thus, while there was no war, the decline of population was higher by 400 thousand people per 11 months of 2021!

The numbers literally tell us: «War is a lesser evil than COVID»...2



«The number of deaths in Russia in 2022 decreased by 22.1% - to 1,905,778 people from 2,445,509 people in 2021.» 3 For 539,731 people! More than half a million a year!

And in Ukraine.

«In 2021 ... mortality reached 714,263 people». 4

«In 2022, 541,739 deaths were registered, which is 24% less than in 2021». 5

In the war year 2022, the death rate even in Ukraine decreased by 172,524 people!

This is the exceptional, incredible case when the war reduced the death rate in both warring countries.


(2) President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin «has stopped all coronaviruses in the world».



(5) This is reported by the service Opendatabot. Feb 3 2023

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