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Where does the financing of salaries for military personnel fighting in Ukraine come from?

Zerada telegram channel, after comparing the actual (in terms of cash flow) economic aid from the United States to Ukraine, came to the conclusion that the allocated amount coincides with Ukraine's expenses for the military personnel salaries.

«13.37 billion of economic aid to Ukraine. This is what will actually come to the budget of Ukraine.

And now let's calculate the approximate military personnel salaries expenses.

Let's take the total number of servicemen for 1 million people. Let’s assume 100,000 of them to be at the front line simultaneously, the rest remain in the rear:

Let’s consider the salary as 10,000 plus additional payments for wartime (30,000 in the rear and 100,000 for participation in military operations):

900,000 * UAH 40,000 = 36 billion.

100,000 * UAH 110,000 = 11 billion.

UAH 47 billion per month and UAH 564 billion per year in total.

The US dollar exchange rate stated for the next year is 42 UAH.

Totally 13.43 billion dollars goes to the salaries of the military personnel (excluding the salaries of the commanding personnel).

Which is exactly total allocated economic aid.

Hence, the United States is financing the war in Ukraine.» 1

Let's apply this method in defining of a possible source of income for Russia to finance the salaries of military personnel involved in the Special Military Operation.

Israeli intelligence Mossad believes that Russia deployed about 480,000 troops in the Special Military Operation zone. (2)

The salary of an ordinary troop in Donbass is about 200 thousand rubles per month. 3

By multiplying we get the total expanses on salaries for military personnel involved in the Special Military Operation in the amount of 96 billion rubles per month. Or 1 trillion 152 billion rubles per year.

For almost the whole year the exchange rate kept around the mark of 60 rubles per dollar.

Being converted at this rate, the salary of military personnel involved in the Special Military Operation amounts to $19.2 billion per year.

And now let's find, whether has Russia got a source of income in the same amount?

And we will find in no time that such a source exists.

The «Ravenstvo.Media» Telegram channel claims that the transit of exported Russian gas through Ukraine amounted to just $19.2 billion.

Gazprom pumped $19.2 billion amount of gas through Ukraine in 2022

What an interesting coincidence!

The amount of funds received from the export of Russian gas transited through Ukraine almost equals to the total amount of salaries of Russian military personnel involved in the Special Military Operation.

It’s probably a coincidence.

The amount of money de facto received by Ukraine from the United States almost equals to the total amount of salaries of Ukrainian servicemen.

Perhaps this is also a coincidence.

And the fact that the total amount of salaries of Russian military personnel involved in the Special Military Operation coincides with the income related to the gas sold through Ukraine, and the total amount of salaries of Ukrainian military personnel coincides with the income of the Ukrainian budget received by Ukraine from the United States, is also a coincidence.

Just three matches in a row. Could such happen? Perhaps…

However, the science called «Probability Theory», which is taught at any technical university during the first or second grade, does not allow real possibility of three coincidences at the same time. Higher mathematics considers it impossible.

But, as Goethe said: «All theory is gray, my friend, and the golden tree of life is green».






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