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How to defeat Ukraine quickly and what will it bring to the USA and Russia

1 If Russia wanted, it could force Ukraine to surrender in a few days, using at least one of the methods below.

Destruction of the gas industry 2

  1. Shut off gas supply pipelines to/through Ukraine.
  2. Terminate the operation of Ukraine's largest gas field, Shebelinka, with a missile strike (GPU Shebelinkagazdobycha produces 40% of gas in Ukraine), which is located 19 km from the former Russian positions in Balakliya 3.
  3. n addition destroy the contents of the largest Ukraine’s Bilche-Volitsko-Uhersky underground gas storage (UGS) in the city of Stryi, Lviv region with a missile strike.
  4. For assurance, 4 more UGS facilities located in Western Ukraine, storing 80% of all "Ukrainian" gas, and several more relatively large gas fields in the Kharkov and Poltava regions (Zapadno-Krestishchenskoye, Yablunovskoye, Efremovskoye and Melekhovskoye) could also be hit.

Neither industry nor the population of Ukraine can exist without gas. They will creep up on their knees.

This method is the fastest, it can be executed literally in 1 (one) hour and will give the desired result in 2-3 days.

Destruction of the oil industry

  1. Shut off oil supply pipelines to/through Ukraine.
  2. Stop supplying Ukraine with fuel both directly and through Belarus, India and the Baltic states. 4 5 6
  3. Block the Ukraine fuel supply by sea through Odessa and other ports.
  4. Finally destroy the Kremenchug Oil Refinery with a missile strike.

Without fuel, military equipment will not be able to move. Diesel locomotives on the railway and road transport infrastructure will neither be functional.

This method can be executed literally in 2-3 days and will give the desired result during stocks depletion, approximately in 7-15 days.

Destruction of the railway industry

Despite what many experts consider, strikes on bridges are not nececcary. It is needed to destroy the railway traffic control infrastructure located at the so-called “junction” stations. There are 6 (six) such stations in Ukraine: Cherkassy, Kremenchug, Kyiv-Darnitsa, Dnipro-Nizhnedneprovsk, Zaporozhye-Marganets, Anatoly Alimov’s.7 After the destruction of this equipment, the real railway throughput will drop by a multiple, according to various experts, from 3 to 10 times.

It is essential to destroy the Beskydy Tunnel, which is a key link in the military rail supply from the West of Ukraine (up to 90% of the supplied weapons 8).

Without regular supply with personnel, ammunition and fuel, the effectiveness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will drop by 3-4 times and become catastrophic.

This method can be executed literally in 1 (one) hour, but it will give the desired result during the reserves depletion, approximately in 7-15 days.

Elimination of the military and political leadership of Ukraine

This method is widely known in the military sphere and involves strikes against the headquarters, main and reserve command posts, decision-making places and the main bomb shelters of the enemy leadership.

For assurance, it is desirable to destroy the SSU departments and military registration and enlistment offices in 10-15 largest cities of Ukraine.

This method can be executed in 4-5 days, since it will require repeated strikes in case of prior rapid movements of the attacked persons, but will give the desired result in the same time.

Destruction of the communication systems

It’s essential to jam the Starlink satellite communications actively used by the enemy. The Starlink satellite communications is vulnerable not to jamming of a strong “dish-to-satellite” signal, but to jamming of a weak “satellite-to-dish” signal in the 10-13 MHz range. A country that successfully “jammed” the Voice of America signal from powerful ground-based repeaters is probably able to jam a weak satellite signal? This task is exceptionally simple and can be accomplished even by a student of any communications university in a very short time and with very little funding.

For assurance, it is necessary to destroy the main switching nodes of wired and cellular communications, usually located in the provider’s main office.

Also, it is necessary to suppress any activity in the radio range in the places of warfare by the means of electronic warfare, as it was already successfully demonstrated in Debaltseve.

This method can be executed in 2-3 days, since it will require repeated strikes in case of rapid re-switching of communications to spare switches, but will give the desired result no earlier than in 20-30 days required for encircling and defeating enemy troops.

Ransom of weapons and bribing of military leadership of Ukraine

The “talking head” Konashenkov should officially announce the purchase of tanks and other heavy equipment from Ukrainian servicemen. Knowing the habits of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the past year, at a price of 1-2 million rubles for a tank of the T-72 type, tanks in Ukraine will end in 2-3 days in the combat zone. The tanks located at a distance from the engagement line can be totally bought up only for the time of their delivery.

According to the real “black market” that has developed in the Donbass region, prices must also be set for infantry fighting vehicles, MLRS and other heavy weapons. They will “end” in the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the same period.

Problems will arise with the “Crab” self-propelled guns, operated by Polish crews, and the MLRS ÍIMARS, operated by the Americans.

Also, Konashenkov should officially announce the purchase of high-ranking officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The price for the BTG commander should not be less than 10 million rubles. The higher officer is more expensive. To avoid the possibility of a quick “forging of personnel” on the Ukrainian side, it is necessary to pay only for officers who have been at least three months in their position at the engagement line, and at least six months at the backup defense lines.

This method can be completed in 4-5 days, since it will require verification by the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but will give the desired result for the same period of time.

The simultaneous use of all the above listed methods guarantees the surrender of Ukraine within 2 to 5 days.

But what will it give to the world, first of all to the USA and Russia?

Prices for energy resources, metals and food will return to their previous, pre-war levels.

Producers of these raw materials (primarily in the US and Russia) will lose $2 trillion per year in “real money” 9 10 and another $4 trillion per year in the competitiveness of economies, which, in turn, will transform into a flow of industry into a more competitive economy (for example, from Europe to USA 11).

Arms manufacturers (also primarily in the US and Russia) will lose opportunity of receiving new defense orders in the amount of about $3 trillion in 10 years perspective. The opportunity to test all types of weapons and tactics at the “Ukrainian training ground” and to dispose of old weapons will also be lost. The possibility of “draining” money from the budgets of the United States and NATO into the “black hole” called Ukraine will be lost as well. Such a “drain” in Afghanistan amounted to $1 trillion over almost 20 years.

It will become impossible to confiscate money from Russian oligarchs, officials and businessmen placed in the West on the accounts of offshore companies and other assets in the total amount of about $2 trillion.12

Even for 10% of the above amounts, any group of people interested in a quick victory in Ukraine will be “rolled into asphalt”. Quickly and scot-free.

Therefore, a quick victory in Ukraine simply will not be allowed. Some will be deceived, some – bribed, others – intimidated. Actively ignorant will be liquidated.

It is unpleasant knowledge, but it is necessary to understand it. This is the objective reality in which we now exist.

It is also worth mentioning that large American landowners such as Cargill, Dupont and Monsanto, that already control 52% of all agricultural land in Ukraine3, will likely lose their land.

Russia will get the following problems:

  • Huge “subsidized” region. The industry in Ukraine is destroyed to “zero” by the “independent pans”, therefore, the collected taxes are significantly less than the necessary social costs: pensions, salaries for teachers, doctors, police, etc. The estimated subsidies to Ukraine in its current form will amount to about 2 trillion rubles, that is, 25 billion dollars per year. Since the Russian budget will unlikely invest in the “next” development of Ukraine’s industry, the only unpleasant, but real way out will be to reduce the population to at least 10 million people, since agricultural income simply will not be able to feed higher population.
    The “solution” to this issue lies either in the plane of continuing the war with “pushing” the population out to more peaceful countries, including Russia, or in the plane of creating jobs for Ukrainians in Russia with their voluntary resettlement. By the way, the adoption of the positive decision on the “free supply of gold” law by the government – which is unlicensed surface gold mining – will quickly resolve this issue. All “economic” and aggressive Ukrainians will quickly leave for earnings. To Siberia, to taiga. They will even quickly surrender, if war prisoners will be allowed to wash gold in Siberia.

  • A large “problematic” population:
    1. those “independent pans” who ruined the Ukraine industry to “zero”, and partially cut the factories into scrap metal, as, for example, they did with the Kherson shipbuilding plant, which had previously built tankers and icebreakers. This “contingent” is not aimed at creating a new economy, but lives only with the idea of “find and steal”. This contingent is quite numerous, even includes low-income people, called “termites”, who use explosives to extract reinforcement from reinforced concrete slabs for scrap metal.
    2. 2-3 million liberated/conquered “Ukrainians” will strongly hate the Russian government and regularly commit terrorist attacks. This number will be formed both from the terry Nazis who have been shouting offensive chants since 2014, from the “zombified” during the war and from the relatives of those killed at the frontline soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
    At the same time, Russia currently does not have the necessary personnel reserve to create effective RER-BSTM, FSB and SMERSH services throughout Ukraine. Not to mention personnel for the CAA and police. This means regular terrorist attacks and publicly shown inability to maintain order in the “liberated” territories. Thus, from the “security forces” point of view, it is much more convenient to shoot down this “problematic public” at the front line or slowly push out of the liberated/captured territory.

  • A large number of “protest” electorate, which will vote against Putin and his team on all elections.
    Why the current government would need this electorate and what to do with it is completely incomprehensible.


(1) This article is based on previous articles «Peculiarities» of World War II, «Why is Russia dragging out the war?» è «Prioritization of the war aims according to the economic results of the first year of hostilities»

(2) A number of telegram channels claim that its possible owner is Biden Jr.










(12) The US and NATO will also lose the opportunity to form the “fifth column” from the owners of the “frozen funds” (Russian officials and businessmen) for their own money.


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